June General Meeting

June 18, 2019 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Come join us Tuesday, June 18th at  Stainless Brewing in Mesa for our General Meeting.
Zach at Stainless Brewing, 60 W Baseline Rd #104, Mesa, AZ 85210 is graciously hosting us for our February General meeting. Do you need stainless fittings, valves, hop screens, pumps, tubing, kettles, these guys pretty much have it all at very honest pricing.BUY LOCAL and support one of our own that started as an ASH club member. Please check out their website. You can place an order and pick it up at the meeting. 

The Phoenix economy may be getting ready to ramp down for the summer, but your ASH board is ramping UP for the months ahead!
In this month’s club meeting, we are hosting a panel of 5 medal winning ASH homebrewers. We’ll be picking their brains about what it takes to take your homebrew to the next level and to start placing in the ASH Homebrew competitions. Please come to the meeting and plan on an active participation round. Bring questions in hand for the live questions round. Got some questions right for the panel right now, email them to president@azhomebrewers.orgHope to See you there.
During last month’s meeting, we kicked off the meeting with a live quiz/trivia where ASH’rs used their mobile devices to pull up the online quiz. Everyone got to answer the questions at their own pace, but time mattered and slow answers cost points. We tried to add a variety of questions, both easy and hard, some tricky and some simple. Questions were about brewing, chemistry, ASH history, equipment etc. You could only see the questions as you were playing the online game. A lot of brewers seemed to enjoy the game, so, we’ll have it again in June’s Meeting. Got a cool trivia question to add? Email it to president@azhomebrewers.org
King of the buzzer continues..
Typically, the ASH meeting starts at 7pm and we sample homebrew until about 7:30 before starting the Main presentations. During this meeting, I’m going to throw in a quick round of online homebrewing trivia for a little fun. Basically, everyone with a smart phone can pull up the online trivia quiz and play concurrently. Correct answers AND Time matter for the high score.
For those who weren’t following along on the last quiz, the results and questions/answers are posted on the website. Note: In one case, Paul didn’t pre-select the right answer, so nearly everyone got marked wrong, even through they were right. Doh! In the end, it didn’t matter though and the winner was clear. Nick B was the winner an received a small prize and some bragging rights.
But wait! There’s more. Upcoming for June..
Just imaging brewing beer at ‘ARIZONA room temp’.
There’s been a bit of a buzz lately about brewing with ‘hot’ yeast.  
It’s a strain of yeast that is reported to be temperature tolerant without imparting the typical Belgianny yeast esters. Club Member (and professional brewer) Greg O’Donahue brewed up a batch of beer at the last brewout (you didn’t miss it did you?) and is fermenting it at 85F. It’s also reported to ferment out fully within a week. He’ll be sharing his experience and results with the club at the June meeting.  

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