Are you new to homebrewing and seeking advice? Maybe you are a seasoned brewer looking for a club. Possibly you are a beer enthusiast and looking for new ways to expand your knowledge and meet others who share your passion. The Arizona Society of Homebrewers takes pride in promoting the time-honored tradition of homebrewing through information, education, and practice since 1995. In fact, it’s in our Mission Statement.

There are several ways to become involved in the club, but we believe the best way is to jump right in and check it out first hand. No matter where you are in the world, there are plenty of opportunities to participate.

Tuesday is ASH Day!!!

Join a meeting – ASH holds meetings every third Tuesday of the month*. Meetings are structured to include updates about the club, upcoming events, as well as guest speakers offering informative lessons on homebrew related topics. There is also time for socializing, recipe sharing, and of course samples! We encourage all of our members to bring a growler, bottle, even a keg to share. This is a great opportunity to get some positive criticism and feedback on your most recent brew.

Happy Hours – On the second and/or fourth Tuesday of the month ASH will have an organized Happy Hour at one of our Sponsor/Partner locations. This is a great opportunity to socialize with other members, as well as pick up membership cards. Along with socializing, this also presents an opportunity to support our sponsors & partners. Without them, our club would not be what it is today so stop in and say hi.

Board Meetings – On the first Tuesday of the month the members of the board meet together to discuss current administrative tasks, plan future events, and meetings. Board meetings are open to all club members and generally held at one of our sponsor/partner locations. 

Meeting Archive – We understand that sometimes life just gets in the way. Maybe there is an upcoming guest speaker that you are really looking forward to but you can’t make the meeting. Silver and Gold members access to past meeting presentations and videos dating back to 2014**.

*Meetings are generally not held in October and February

**A valid membership (Full Access or Virtual) is needed for access to video content.