If you have been on the fence about participating in your first meeting we hope the information here will push you over.

Meetings are an excellent way to meet local brewers that share the same common interests as you. Share your experience, expertise, successes, and even failures.

What to expect:

ASH Meeting 1

  • Meetings begin at 7 PM, check events calendar for meeting location.
  • If you do not yet have your membership card they will be available for pickup when you arrive.
  • When you come we encourage you to bring your latest batch to share.
  • Bring a Glass or Grab a plastic cup and pour yourself a beer!
  • Presentations last about an hour and cover current trends, techniques, and other homebrew related topics. They often include professional brewers, sponsors, and fellow members discussing their personal experiences.
  • After the presentation you will have an hour to socialize with other homebrewers, members often gather near the cooler. Members often hang around and enjoy the homebrews brought by everyone.
  • After presentations, we host a door prize for attendees with great prizes from our sponsors, be sure to stay around because prizes are only awarded to those who are present.