Want to become involved and help ASH make it all happen?

Join a committee or focus group today.

  • Each committee/focus group has a specific purpose and does not require being on the ASH Board to participate.
  • The committees will meet at times outside of the board and general meetings.
  • The group chair (or alternate) should provide updates to the club members at the general meeting

* = Board Member Lead

TechnologyWeb hosting, networking, and geeky stuffRob Wolinski
*Competition CommitteePlan, Staff, and Execute all club competitionsDavid Smolinski
*Membership CommitteeDevelopment and coordination of membership drivesTodd Beutel
*Fundraising CommitteeDevelop compelling fundraising events that benefit the Club,
it’s membership and the larger brewing community
Warren Stern
*Construction CommitteeClubhouse remodeling and improvementsDavid Smolinski

Task List

Consider taking on a task to assist with the upkeep of the ASH clubhouse. Message David Smolinski ([email protected]) for additional details

  • Repair pool table pockets – Pocket need to be wired closed. corner near construction storage rm and NW & SE pockets (near beer coolers).
  • Repair kegerator rinser – rinser leaks water when put under pressure. Gasket may need to be replaced or replace rinser unit.
  • Build dart board score board use white board material and construct a frame to hang on barrel room wall opposite of dart board.
  • Restring pool score beads using coated wire. Needt o purchase appropriate wire.
  • Replace bathroom fan motors or assembly. Check at Ace Hardware for replacement motors.
  • Replace light fixture ballast in hallways. Reuse existing ballast or purchase from Ace Hardware.
  • Develop procedures and process for Yeast lab.
  • Verify gas lines in kegerator are air tight and no leaks exist.