Checkout our store the next time you are at the club house.

We have new and used gear in various states of condition.  Most of the equipment comes from donations, which are a great way to clean out your garage, pass your equipment on to other homebrewers as well as support the club financially.

If you wish to donate gear for the ASH Store, Clubhouse or for Event raffles, please email [email protected]

Purchases must be in person at the clubhouse.

We don’t allow purchases online for a few reasons.

  • We aren’t in the business of shipping and a lot of the equipment is bulky and cost prohibitive to ship.
  • A lot of the gear is used and it’s better if you see it in person before any money trades hands.
  • It’s better when homebrewers meetup in person, chat and share homebrew.

For payment, paypal is preferred, followed by venmo, then cash.

The equipment in the ASH Store should have a QR scan code that will take you to paypal to complete the transaction.  Transactions are considered donations.

ASH Store Inventory Price List