Public Competitions

ASH hosts two competitions each year open to any homebrewer, regardless of club affiliation or location: the Cactus Classic and the Copper State Cup homebrewing competitions. Both competitions are BJCP sanctioned and accept all BJCP beer, mead and cider styles based on the 2021 BJCP Style Guidelines. For more information click image below:

ASH Cactus Classic ASH Copper State Cup

Member Only Competitions (HBOY)

Additionally ASH hosts small members-only mini competitions. For 2024 we will be running a series of HBOY mini competitions that will be announced during the year. The overall schedule and themes for the mini-comps can be found by clicking on the image below.

Entries must be dropped off at the general meeting of the month the competition is held (i.e. the May mini comp is due at the May meeting).

Members earn points by entering beers thought the year. The member with most points at the holiday party wins the title “ASH Homebrewer of the Year” and great prizes. The current HBOY Competition Leaderboard is at

Competition Guide

New to competitions? Click the image below for a guide with tips on entering competitions:

Become a Beer Judge

ASH hosts several levels of BJCP training and judge education. If you are interested in becoming a BJCP-credentialed judge or just want to learn more about beer styles and sensory analysis, click the image below for more info: