BJCP Training

ASH hosts several levels of BJCP training and judge education. If you are interested in becoming on BJCP-credentialed judge or just want to learn more about beer styles and sensory analysis, check out the information below.

BJCP 101 – Introduction to Judging and Styles
This course provides and overview of judging, knowledge of beer styles, and sensory analysis. The main focus will be tasting and discussing a wide variety of beer styles. This class is open to everyone. For each class you plan to attend, you will need to register/RSVP at least one day in advance. This is important so we know how much beer and supplies to bring to the class. To RSVP for a BJCP 101 class, follow the directions on the calendar event page for each week. 

2015 BJCP 101 Class Schedule: The 2015 class will first meet on Thursday, July 23rd at 6:30 p.m. at the ASH Clubhouse and will meet every Thursday after until October 9th. Cost is $5 per class to pay for beers and supplies, payable via Paypal or cash (follow the direction on the week calendar event pages to register and pay). Current BJCP judges can attend the classes for free, but will still need to follow the direction on the calendar event page to register/RSVP.

BJCP 202 – Tasting Exam Prep Course (limited to 12 seats)
There will be a tasting exam prep course that meets about eight times during the 2-3 months before each tasting exam. The cost will be $80 for new testers and $55 for retakes to cover both your exam fee and supplies (beers, paper, off-flavor kits, etc.). Because the tasting exam is limited to 12 people, this class is also limited to 12 people. To sign up for this class and the tasting exam, fill out this form.

Class topics will include:

  • Beer Style Education
  • Sensory and off-flavor training
  • Beer faults and corrective actions
  • BJCP Score Sheet Best Practices
  • Practice judging beer
  • Tips and Tricks for increasing your exam score
  • Suggested “homework” (aka drinking different beer styles and writing score sheets)

2015 BJCP 202 Class Schedule – Unless noted differently, classes meet Saturday, 10 a.m. – noon at the ASH Clubhouse
Oct. 17th (This first class will meet from 1pm – 3pm)
Oct. 24 (9am – Practical Judging Experience at ASH Fall Classic Competition)
Nov. 7
Nov. 21
Dec. 5
Dec. 19
Jan. 9
Jan. 16
Jan. 23 – EXAM DAY! (tentatively scheduled at 10 am)

BJCP  Written Exam

The BJCP Written exam is offered quarterly and available to judges with a tasting score of 80 or higher and 10 judging points (or a current national-rank judge). If you are interested in taking the written exam, fill out this form.

BJCP Mead Exam

There is currently a mead exam scheduled for January 23, 2016 (tentatively at 1 pm). If you are interested, please fill out this form. There will be a mead exam prep course leading up the the 2016 exam:

Mead Exam Prep Class Schedule – This class will follow the schedule above for the BJCP 202 class, but it will meet from 1-3 p.m. on the same days, except for the first class on Oct. 17th, which will meet from 3-5 pm.