Discount Partner and Sponsor Program Details

Arizona Society of Homebrewers is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization whose mission is “to preserve and promote the time-honored tradition of homebrewing, and to recognize it as a true art form through information, education, and dedicated practice.” In addition to charitable contributions, there are two programs you may participate in to support ASH and its members:  Sponsors and Discount Partners.


Sponsors are the very backbone of ASH. They help ASH promote the time-honored tradition by providing financial and other in-kind support which allows us to provide education and social opportunities to our members.


Discount partners offer discounts to ASH members who visit their establishments.

The benefit of participating in the ASH discount partner program is increased visibility and patronage of your establishment by patrons who value and support craft beer bars.

For acknowledgment on 2019 membership cards. Partners must enroll by  Jan 10th.

For full program details, view our program: ASH 2019 Sponsorship Deck

2019 Sponsorship Signup


2016 Card Design:

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