Event Schedule

2019 – Tentative Schedule

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** – Tentative Date/location – May Change

Event Date Location Note/ Topic Owner
Jan Board 01/08 Bottleshop48 Lisa/Paul
Jan General 01/15 Uncle Bears East Meet Greet, Roll Plan, card pickup, 2019 schedule Paul/Keith
Jan HH 01/22 Oro Card Pickup Paul
Feb Board 02/05 Bottleshop48 Lisa/Paul
ASH Hot scotchy Night 2/11 Hungry Monk An ASH tradition..  First runnings from the Mash Tun  + a wee bit of Scotch. Mark/John Rudolph
Arizona Beer Week 02/07 – – 02/16 Arizona arizonabeerweek.com – 200 craft beer events across arizona.  Includes Strong Beer Festival Non ASH Event —

Az Brewers Guild

Beer Week – Brewout #1 02/17 The Shop Brewery Historically Sunday end of Beer week at BC Mark
Feb General 02/19 The Stainless Brewing Industry: Imperial Yeast
Jeff: quick note for judges.
Mother Bunch is Hosting Food!
Feb HH 02/26 Hungry Monk 5-7. Trivia Night starts at 7, build a team and have some fun Mark
BJCP Class 1 03/02 Taste of Tops Krystal Bittner leading Jeff/Krystal
Mar Board 03/05 North Mountain  Half Price flights from 6-9 pm Lisa/Paul
BJCP Class 2 03/16 Taste of Tops Krystal Bittner leading Jeff/Kristal
Mar General 03/19 Uncle Bears East Knowledge:  Krystal – How to become BJCP JudgeJeff: 10 min judging. Paul/Keith
Tucson Bus Trip Cancelled Tucson Breweries Couldn’t get it locked down in enough time to make 03/30. Mark
Mar HH 3/26 North Mountain Brewing Half price flights from 6-9 pm Phil
Spring Classic Entries Due 03/28 Drop Off Locations Jeff Rea
BJCP Class 3 04/20 Taste of Tops Krystal Bittner leading Starting at 10:30 am Jeff/Krystal
Apr Board 04/02 Helluva Lisa/Paul
Spring Classic Judging(BJCP Class 4) 04/06 San Tan Brewing Facility Stewards and Judges Needed Jeff
Spring Fest 04/13 Kiwanis Park Kiwanis –  Ruben Romeo North Side.


Apr General 04/16 The Shop Brewery Style Deep Dive: Wheat Beers Paul/Keith
BJCP Class 5 04/20 TBD Krystal Bittner leading Jeff/Krystal
Apr HH 04/23 Pedal Haus Kettle Raffle Phil
BJCP Class 6 04/27 TBD Krystal Bittner leading Jeff/Krystal
AHA Big Brew – Brewout #2 05/04 Black Canyon Supplies. AHA Big Brew – national brewout day. Mark
BJCP Class 7 05/04 TBD Krystal Bittner leading Jeff / Krystal B
May Board 05/07 Pedal Haus Lisa/Phil
BJCP Beer Judging Exam 05/18 Rescheduled per Krystal Any questions please message exam administrator: Krystal Bittner Krystal Bittner
May General
HBOY Comp Entries Due
05/21 Uncle Bears East Style Deep Dive:Light American Beers Paul/Keith
May HH 05/28 Hop Central 6-8 PM Paul
HBOY Mini 1 06/01 Wheat Beers Jeff Rea
Jun Board 06/04 Bottleshop48 Lisa/Paul
Jun General 06/18 The Stainless Brewing Better Brew:
Taking your beer to the next level.  Tips for placing in comps.
ASH Panel
Jun HH 06/25 Mother Bunch
HomeBrew Con 06/27 Providence, RI AHA Event: National Homebrew Con. Non ASH Event –
Jul Board 07/02 Bottleshop48 Lisa/Paul
Jul General

HBOY Mini Comp Entries Due

07/16 Uncle Bears East Industry: Guest Speaker – Derek Ozborne – Pedal Haus Bewery –
Yeast info for the Homebrewer
Jul HH 07/23 Barrio Brewing
HBOY Mini 2 07/27 American Amber Jeff Rea
Aug Board 08/06 Conf Call Lisa/Paul
Flagstaff Bus 08/03 Flagstaff Breweries SIGNUP Mark
Aug General 08/20 The Shop Brewery Kegs 101:
Maintaining, Filling and mechanics.
Aug HH 08/27 Dubina 1/2 Price Flights, $1 off Pints Phil
Sep Board 09/03 Bottleshop48 Lisa/Paul
Sep General 09/17 Uncle Bears East Club member gear swap Paul/Keith
Sep HH 09/24 TBD
Fall Comp Entries Due 09/19 Tent dates based on 2018; will need to be confirmed with Fall Fest date Jeff Rea
Fall Comp Judging 09/28 Stewards and Judges Needed Jeff Rea
Oct Board 10/01 Bottleshop48 Lisa/Paul
Great American Beer Festival 10/03 Denver CO AHA Event:Top National Brew conference. AHA
Fall Fest 10/12 Kiwanis – Ruben Romeo Confirmed. Paul / All
Oct General 10/15 Cancelled for FallFest Paul/Keith
Oct HH 10/22 TBD
Nov Board 11/05 Bottleshop48 Lisa/Paul
Brewout 3 11/16 TBD Mark
Nov General

HBOY Mini Comp Entries Due

11/19 Uncle Bears East Paul/Keith
Dec Board 12/03 Bottleshop48 Lisa/Paul
HBOY Mini 3 12/04 Stouts Jeff Rea
Winter Fest 12/14 Lakes Clubhouse Paul/All
Dec General 12/17 No General Meeting in December Paul/Keith