Member Only Competitions

ASH Homebrewer of the Year (HBOY) Competition

The HBOY consists Spring Fest, Fall Classic, NHC First Round, NHC Final Round and members-only competitions. The HBOY winner is determined by points earned through entering these competitions.  You must be an ASH member at the time of entry for these competitions.  Additionally, for NHC competitions your club name must be entered as Arizona Society of Homebrewers.

Homebrewer of the Year (HBOY) Competition Points system

  • ASH Spring Fest and Fall Classic: brewers earn 3 points for Gold, 2 points for Silver, and 1 point for Bronze
  • Mini competitions points: brewers earn 4 points for Gold, 3 points for Silver, and 2 points for Bronze
  • NHC First Round points: brewers earn 6 points for Gold, 4 points for Silver, and 2 point for Bronze
  • NHC Final Round points: brewers earn 8 points for Gold, 6 points for Silver, and  4 points for Bronze

HBOY mini competition entry rules:

  • Must be an ASH member
  • Free to enter
  • Must rubber-band a completed Bottle ID form to two (2) bottles.
  • Bottles should be clean and not have any identifying marks on the cap/bottle or any label other than the Bottle ID form.
  • You may enter up to one beer per sub-category
  • Must drop off at the general meeting of the month the competition is held.
  • Other rules may be announced for specific mini-competitions
  • Score sheets will be emailed to members after judging.


2018 ASH mini Competition Schedule:

If you can’t make it to a meeting, please mail your HBOY entries to the below address;

Carvin Wilson
2836 E. Encanto St.
Mesa, AZ 85213

  • May: American Pale Ale (BJCP 2015 Style Guidelines Category 18B)  –
    • Entries can be brought to the April or May general meeting
    • This is a collaboration brew.  Partner up with another brewer and submit together as one entry.
    • Cut off date for entries is May 23, 2018
  • July: Saison (BJCP 2015 Style Guidelines Category 25B)
    • Entries can be brought to the June or July general meeting
    • Cut off date for entries is July 26, 2018
  • November: Kolsch (BJCP 2015 Style Guidelines 5B)
    • Entries can be brought to the October or November general meeting
    • Cut off date for entries is November 22, 2018


Annual HBOY Grand Prize:

We are still working on the prize package for the HBOY.