Member Only Competitions

ASH Homebrewer of the Year (HBOY) Competition

The ASH Homebrewer of the Year Competition consists of our two large competition (the Spring and Fall Classics) and a few, small members-only competitions. The HBOY winner is determined by points earned throughout the year. For the large competitions, brewers earn 3 points for Gold, 2 points for Silver, and 1 point for Bronze, with a maximum of 12 points per competition. For the small HBOY comps, brewers now earn more points: 12 points for Gold, 8 points for Silver, and 4 points for Bronze. Brewers must enter at least one mini competition to be eligible for the HBOY prize. These mini competitions are open only to ASH members and are free to enter. You may enter only one beer per mini competition.

The rules have changed slightly for 2017!
For 2017, we want you to go big and participate on the national level. ASH members that place in the first and final rounds of the American Howebrewers Association (AHA) National Homebrew Competition (NHC) will earn points toward the ASH 2017 HBOY. You can earn up to 12 points maximum for NHC honors.

NHC First Round points: brewers earn 3 points for Gold, 2 points for Silver, and 1 point for Bronze

NHC Final Round points: brewers earn 6 points for Gold, 4 points for Silver, and 2 points for Bronze


Annual HBOY Grand Prize:  The Grand Prize HBOY winner will get to collaborate with the Perch to brew 1 or 2 of their winning recipes at the Perch for inclusion in a special Beer Pairing Dinner. The Beer Dinner will be prepared by Chef Gidi at The Hungry Monk. In addition to beer dinner, the homebrewer of the year will also win a 14 gallon conical fermentor.



2017 ASH HBOY Competition Schedule

  • May: Pale Bitter European Beer (BJCP 2015 Style Guidelines Category 5)
    • Gold – Frank Youngblood
    • Silver – Jon Bird
    • Bronze – Mark Peterson
  • July: California Common (BJCP 2015 Style Guidelines Category 19B) – Entries due at July 18th general meeting.
  • November: Oatmeal Beers (Any style with oatmeal added) – Entries due at Nov 21st general meeting.


 Past Competitions:

2016 HBOY mini-comp schedule and winners

2016 Home Brewer of the Year: Darrin Umbaugh

May – Specialty IPAs (BJCP 2015 Style Guidelines Category 21B) – Brew day with Mother Bunch Brewery!

1st Place: Danielle Schanke
2nd Place: Mike Bush
3rd place: Jeremy Voeltz
Honorable Mention: Justin Milks

July – Trappist Ale (BJCP 2015 Style Guidelines Category 26) – Brew day with Beer Research Institute!

1st Place: Darrin Umbaugh
2nd Place: Chris Cambridge
3rd place: Danielle Schanke

November – Coffee Beers (Any style with coffee added) – Brew day with The Shop Beer Co!

1st Place: Darrin Umbaugh
2nd Place: Mike Bush
3rd place: Danielle Schanke

2015 HBOY mini-comp schedule and winners

2015 Home Brewer of the Year:  Mark Peterson

May – Pilsner (BJCP 2008 Category 2)
  • Gold: Sam Patterson
  • Silver: James Kimery
  • Bronze: Daniel Sloat
July – Belgian and French Ale (BJCP 2008 Category 16)
  • Gold: Mark Peterson
  • Silver: Paul Vincent
  • Bronze: Josh Skora
November – Mead (BJCP 2008 Categories 24, 25, and 26)
  • Gold: Chuck Howell
  • Silver: Scott Bartmann
  • Bronze: Chuck Howell
HBOY mini-comp entry rules
  • Must be an ASH member
  • Free to enter
  • Must rubber-band a completed Bottle ID form to two (2) bottles [One bottle is OK for this competition, but two is preferred.]
  • Bottles should be clean and not have any identifying marks on the cap/bottle or any label other than the Bottle ID form.
  • You may enter up to one beer per sub-category
  • Must drop off at the general meeting of the month the competition is held. There will be a designated door in the walk–in cooler for entries.
  • Other rules may be announced for specific mini-competitions