King of the Buzzer

During last month’s meeting, we kicked off the meeting with a live quiz/trivia where ASH’rs used their mobile devices to pull up the online quiz.  Everyone got to answer the questions at their own pace, but time mattered and slow answers cost points.  We tried to add a variety of questions, both easy and hard, some tricky and some simple.  Questions were about brewing, chemistry, ASH history, equipment etc.  You could only see the questions as you were playing the online game.  A lot of  brewers seemed to enjoy the game, so, we’ll have it again in June’s Meeting.

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For those who weren’t following along on the last quiz, here are the results and questions/answers.  Note: In one case, Paul didn’t pre-select the right answer, so nearly everyone got marked wrong, even through they were right.  Doh!  In the end, it didn’t matter though and the winner was clear.  Nick B was the winner an received a small prize and some bragging rights.

Trivia -May General 2019

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