King of the Buzzer

During last month’s meeting, we kicked off the meeting with a live quiz/trivia where ASH’rs used their mobile devices to pull up the online quiz.  Everyone got to answer the questions at their own pace, but time mattered and slow answers cost points.  We tried to add a variety of questions, both easy and hard, […]

Cider Corps Juice Buy 2019

Hey fellow ASHers. We again have a chance to get a great discount on high quality juice with Jason and Cider Corps. Cider Corps apple juice buy that will occur June 8th.  Please note the approximate amount of juice that you plan to buy. It is $2.50/gallon or $20/5 gallons with Cider Corps yeast and […]


With April comes The Spring Classic Judging and SPRINGFEST!  Save the Date, April 13th for a party in the park at Kiwanis Park from 12 to 6 pm. Grab your kegs and let’s share some homebrew. Potluck Sign up for the Mobile 8, here. Volunteers to do a few short shifts (setup, checkin, raffle, cleanup). Please […]

Spring Fresh Hops

Your local hop growers are at it again! 24 Hour Hops will have their next harvest in the middle of January and will have Chinook, Columbus, Cascade, and Amalia. This grow had a lot of experiments included in it, so the yield will be less. Therefore, a self-pick day event may not be possible. Note that […]

Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP)

Are you ready to expand your beer judging prowess? Whether your looking to get started or you are ready to rank up, this is your chance. BJCP Beer Judging Exam is on May 18, 2019. If you want to take it, fill out this google form : The Exam is limited to 12 seats. […]

Ladies Day Out Brew Event

Come on down to Mother Bunch for a Ladies ONLY Brewing opportunity. On April 20th at 8 am sharp, join Julie in brewing a Blonde Ale with Cascade hop additions. This unique event is only for the ladies. Please sign up below for this great opportunity to play on the big stage. Please sign-up here […]