People’s Choice Competition – January 17th General Meeting

**Sign-up here** and let us know that you will be bringing a brew to enter into the People’s Choice Competition.

  • Styles: beer, cider or mead (Any 2021 BJCP Style)
  • Entries Due: 6:45 PM January 17th, 2023.  Your entry may be dropped off by another brewer if you are unable to attend the meeting.
  • Entry Requirements: Entrants must bring a minimum of 22-24 oz. the more ounces the more opportunities for members to sample the brew. Any container, bottle, can, growler, keg, etc. will be accepted and returned to the brewer after the meeting.
  • Judging Format: Samples will be poured into cups (~1 oz pour per taster) and served blindly to the members in attendance. Each member receives one voting ticket and will write the entry number of their favorite sample on the voting ticket then submit the ticket in a voting box. The beer with the most votes wins 1st place, second most votes 2nd place, third most votes 3rd place. HBOY points will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd. No medals will be awarded. No judging score sheets will be completed.

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