SmASH Mini-Comp

Starts in 5 Days, 19 Hours

May 18, 2021 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Hey all you ASHoles! It’s time for a SmASH and Grab. With the Spring Classic behind us, it is now time to focus on our first member only mini-competition of 2021. Congratulations! The Board agreed to provide some subsidy on your recipe. For $10.00 you get 7 pounds of Sinagau Malt and up to 6 oz of Cascade T90 Pellet Hops. Let’s keep the recipe simple with no crazy additions.

Thanks to Drew at Brewer’s Connection and Doc from Pedal Haus, we can offer the Single Malt and Single Hop at this incredibly low price for you to brew! You select whatever yeast you want as that is on you. We can accommodate 21 people for subsidized grain and many more with hops.

The Sinagua will be available after 4/14. You can coordinate with Phil Sachar on picking up your Hops and Grain over the next couple weeks, but the main location for pick-up will be Brewer’s Connection. Text, call or Email. 602-561-5243, No delays as the entries are due May 18th at the General Meeting. Please use the sign-up form so we can get a feel on how many batches to expect.

To align this competition with the traditional midi-comp efforts, we need to add a little definition and guidelines. The Only grains and hops allowed are Sinagua Malt and Cascade Hops. 7 pounds of grain and 6 oz of hops will be provided for a small fee of $10 to the first 21 people that pay. This can be completed as a $10 PayPal donation transaction. The Subsidized Grains and hops can be picked up at Brewers Connection in Tempe after 4/14 only by Members that have paid the $10.

Since there can be too many variables we will define the style as a SmASH American Pale Ale using only the Sinagua and Cascade. You may use more than 7 pounds of grain, but that is on you to purchase from the local homebrew shops that carry Sinagua. A recommended amount is 12.5 total pounds to get it in the 5.5+ ABV range. Mash at 60 minute rest at 153 degrees F, Mash-out at 168 and sparge at 170. 70 minute boil. Hop Schedule .5 oz at 60 min, .5 oz at 30 min, 1 oz at 10 min, 2oz at 0 min and 2 oz Dry Hop at 4 days. Your Mash pH should be 5.67. Recommended yeasts: Safale US-05, Imperial American Pale Ale, wyeast 1056 or a California Ale, AKA Chico.

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