Pro-Am Arizona

Starts in 28 Days, 19 Hours

July 20, 2021 12:00 am

Are you up for some Industy Colab and a bit of wort theft for your next Mini-Comp? I hope so because we are putting a lot of effort in to bringing some fun, education and industry collaboration to our next mini-comp.

We have solicited the Arizona Brewing Industry and The Arizona Brewer’s Guild to collaborate on a competition for the three styles of that represent Arizona Beer. They are IPA, Lager and Stout. Our endeavor is to pair up a novice and veteran Homebrewer from the club with a participating brewery. You spend the day brewing the batch and at the end of the day you take home 5 gallons each to ferment for your next mini-comp entry. The deadline is July 20th, so time is of the essence. Before we can go assigning, we are still working to get this one off the ground. So we need to gather some info from you all first. Please fill out the following survey and we will get further details posted as they come in. Survey

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