Helton Wort Theft

September 21, 2019 7:00 am - 4:00 pm

You know it’s hot out, so wouldn’t you like to have a nice cool brew house to mash and boil? Well ask and you shall receive. Brian Helton and Imperial Yeast are opening the door for a wort theft on September 21st! Imperial is donating 10 strains of yeast to experiment with 150 gallons of a Helton IPA. We will divide and conquer for fermentation and dry hopping, then circle back with a full up taste comparison of all grabs. Sign-up

The current plan is to equally divide up donated
A01 HOUSE, A04 BARBARIAN, A07 FLAGSHIP, A15 INDEPENDENCE, A18 JOYSTICK, A24 DRY HOP, A38 JUICE, B45 GNOME, A43 LOKI & A44 KVEIK. from Imperial Yeast to ferment and Dry Hop for fun and research to see just what different yeast stains can enhance in your beer.

Josh and Brian will open up the floor for the club to help brew the batch. The current plan is to be mashed in by 6am and wort will be cooled and ready by 11am-12pm. So anytime between noon and 5pm will be good for pickup.

We’ll work with Brian to see how many individuals can assist in the brewing. Further detail will be posted out to registrants.

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