Flagstaff Bus Trip 2024

Hear ye, hear ye, in order to preserve and promote the time honored tradition of homebrewing and to recognize it as a true art form through education, information, and a dedicated practice”… we would like to present the long anticipated, never duplicated ASH Bus Trip.

Historically, we’ve headed up the big hill, during the crazy heat of the summer and traveled to Arizona destinations outside of the valley to take in that beautiful gulp of “much cooler” 80’s and 90’s temps. In order to spread the time honored tradition of dedicated practice, this event is open to all – ASH members, family, and friends – to include non-ASH members as well, so the more the merrier – and a great opportunity to exercise our dedicated practice of drinking craft and homebrew, and even a little mead to those folks that may want to see what ASH is all about.

Date/Time: Saturday, July 27th 2024 – Bus departs at 8:15 am and returns at 7:30 pm

Pick up and drop off Location: Arizona Society of Homebrewers, 1301 W 21st St, Tempe, AZ 85282.

Brewery Locations: Craft beer breweries in Flagstaff, AZ. Map

Cost: $60 per person until June 28th. After this the price is $70 per person. Please note that this price is based solely on the number of people signed up and 50 paid participants. Our intent is to maintain the quoted price, however, it is subject to the number of actual paid participants in order to move forward with our contract with the bus charter company. If we have fewer participants than the required count, and we can not meet our minimum paid participant target of 50, then likely the event will be postponed or possibly canceled.

**Price is subject to change after the date of this communication and will be finalized once we have the final headcount and contract in place with the bus tour company. Any refunds as applicable will be issued at a later date. Refunds would apply if the event is canceled, and/or if the registration number exceeds the minimum, thus reducing the amount charged per participant.

Who can attend this event: ASH members, family members, friends and guests (non-ASH members). All attendees must be 21 and older.

What you can bring: Space is cramped on a full bus, so pack light please. Beer and snacks, coolers allowed. Extra bottled drinking water will be provided on the bus to keep you hydrated. Bring sunscreen, appropriate clothing etc.

Please be courteous and responsible- There will be around 50 participants, if you spill or are messy, please pick up and tidy your general area. Please be mindful and courteous to folks around you.

Please Note: we are in the process of finalizing the contract, and while we appreciate expressed interest, the actual payment of any attendee, will be the the only placeholder for this event. Payment will be due on, or before, June 28 to lock in your early bird rate, in order to meet contractual requirements. All expressed information is subject to change and will be communicated. Please, all sales are final.

Bus tour will be provided by:
Flagstaff Limousine LLC dba Divine Charter
Phoenix, Flagstaff & Tucson AZ
O: (602) 932-8850 | M: (602) 641-6096

Any questions should be directed to:
Todd Beutel (mailto:[email protected])

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