ASH Events – 30 Day Hiatus

** ASH Events – 30 Day Hiatus **

As you know, the evolving Coronavirus pandemic has been wreaking havoc on planned events throughout the US and the homebrewing community. While I know some people view these as overreactions, medical experts emphasize the risk that Coronavirus poses to some population segments and the role that public gatherings play in fueling community spread and exposing vulnerable people to risk.

After careful deliberation, the ASH Board decided tonight to put all planned club events on hiatus for the next 30 days. We will monitor health trends and may extend that period for longer, depending on how the situation evolves. We believe this is the responsible action to protect the well being of all club members and guests We will resume full operations as soon as we have evidence that risk in manageable and will keep you informed as things develop.

Affected Club Events –
In addition to the previously announced cancellation/postponement of the Tucson Bus Trip (March 21st) and the ASH Spring Classic Homebrew Competition (April 3 and 4), the following upcoming events will also be suspended with this action:

March 17 – Club General Meeting – CANCELLED

HBOY Mini Comp 1 – Iron Brewer – POSTPONED

April 11 – Spring Festival – POSTPONED

Our hope is to reschedule postponed events as soon as possible and we will continue with our planning for our 25th Anniversary Gala in August.

I assure you that any disappointment you may feel is even more personal to your board members. We have been working hard to make this year – our 25th Anniversary – special and this is a big disruption to our plans. This was not an easy decision. We have the best interest of the club and its members at heart and appreciate your support.

We will keep you informed as things become clearer in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we’ll be active on Facebook, with the Hot Break and working to keep everyone engaged in our community. We may even find opportunities along the way to do some things that take advantage of our new “Socially Distanced” situation.


Paul Vincent
ASH President

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