Proposed By-Law Changes 2024

Happy 2024, everyone. During our November board meeting, we noticed that there was very specific verbiage regarding the titles assigned to Board members. In an effort to better slot the current Board members into their area of specialty, we noticed (for example) that there was not an official “Director of Industry Relations” position. In order to be more flexible in the future, we have drafted a change to the by laws that allow the Board to assign specific titles, as needed, per a majority Board vote. The number of Board positions has not changed. The proposed changes are illustrated, below:

Section 2. Board of Directors
The Board of Directors will be comprised of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Communications, Director of Operations, Director of Education & Competitions, and Director of Special Projects.
, and four (4) other Director positions with titles applicable to their specialty, as needed. Examples of additional director roles include (but are not limited to) Director of Communications, Director of Operations, Director of Education, Director of Competitions, Director of Special Projects, and Director of Industry Relations. New titles can be added as needed and bestowed upon a new Board member by a majority vote of the Board. Titles can also be combined, if necessary, to best represent the role that the Director will serve on the board.

In accordance with “ARTICLE SIX: BY-LAW AMENDMENTS” in the approved by-laws, this post will serve to notify the membership at large of the proposed change, prior to the next General meeting (to be held Tuesday, January 16th, at the clubhouse) where any necessary comments and/or discussion can be voiced to the Board, prior to the vote. The Board will vote to incorporate the proposed changes to the by-laws at the next Board meeting (to be held on February 6th, at the clubhouse). If you are unable to attend, either virtually or in person, you may share your thoughts with the Board via email, prior to the vote on February 6th.

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