“Big Brew” Brew Out – May the 4th

  • Date & Time: Saturday, May 4th, 2024 -8am to 2pm
  • Location: ASH Clubhouse
  • Cost: Free- please consider bringing a Star Wars Themed dish to pass & your generosity
  • Who Can Attend: Open to all ASH members and guests

Donations are welcome as this is a membership drive and fundraiser event for a Clubhouse A/C unit – via PayPal invoice- see below. Sorry, the Galactic Credit Standard is not set up at this time. Consider bringing cash as we will also have a 50/50 drawing.

Does Star Wars have beer?
There were many types of beer available throughout the galaxy. A distinction was made between beer (which included fortified beers, lagers and ciders) and stronger alcoholic beverages (like wine and liquor), which were referred to as spirits.
This particular date has been referred to as Star Wars Day since 2011, after widespread fan use of the phrase: “May the fourth be with you.” Of course, the joke riffs on the iconic Star Wars catchphrase “May the force be with you”, which characters often say to each other to wish good luck on dangerous missions.
Come out, brew with all us ASHoles, dress up in you favorite Star Wars Garb, brew a Galactic style beer, bring a Star Wars themed dish to pass, bring a friend that’s interested in homebrewing. Courtesy of Chef Warren, ASH will provide a healthy well balanced meal of Hutt dogs, Han burgers, Bantha brats, Vader Tator Salad and Wookie Cookies!
Electric for brew systems and hose bib water available. R.O. water available. And more than anything, good times to be had!
Here are just a few ideas for your side dishes to whet your appetite:
  • Seven Leia Dip
  • Han Salsa
  • Bo BQ Chips
  • Falcon Ship Dip
  • Tie Fighter Crackers and Cheese
  • OB Wan Cannoli’s
  • Yoda  Guacamole
  • BB Eggs (deviled eggs)
  • Trooper Scoopers (chips)
  • Palpatines Pretzels
  • Luke Skywalkers Veggie Tray
  • Death Star Donuts
  • C3PO’s Pasta Salad
All planned attendees, please fill out the sign up form below by Saturday, April 20th so us Jedis can plan for food. See you all then in a galaxy not too far away! May the fourth be with you!

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