Spring Fresh Hops

Your local hop growers are at it again! 24 Hour Hops will have their next harvest in the middle of January and will have Chinook, Columbus, Cascade, and Amalia. This grow had a lot of experiments included in it, so the yield will be less. Therefore, a self-pick day event may not be possible. Note that if you pre-order on the website you’ll always have the option of picking in-person if we do decide to do a self-pick event.
You can see what quantities are left on the 24 Hour Hop website, just hover over your desired ship date. These quantities are calculated by total quantity minus ordered amount, so they will change.
For those not familiar with wet hop brewing- The first thing people notice when consuming a wet hop beer is the AROMA.  Wet hop beers have a very pleasing aroma because they capture the essence of the hop cone at its peak.  Just picked hop cones have over 100 compounds in their essential oils and soft resins.
The second item people notice when consuming a wet hop beer is the taste.    Just like when hops were first used in beer over 1000 years ago, adding wet hops brings back the agriculture nature of beer.
24 Hour Hops looks forward to hearing about the first ever winter wet hop brews you guys create!