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Judges and Stewards

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All judging will be done through seven in-person, socially distanced Clubhouse sessions over two Saturdays and one potenial back-up virtual session for the judges that absolutley cannot make the Clubhouse sessions. The Virtual session by judge pairs to be assigned after receipt and sorting of all entries.

Judges may pick up their flights starting Monday, 3/29 by texting Phil @ 602.561.5243 or Ryan @ 480.720.1161.

If you unable to accomodate gathering your flight and judging assignment on that date, please email the competition organizer. We will make flight available for pickup from Monday 3/29 through Saturday 4/3 at the Clubhouse. Note the In-Person judging starts 4/3. Unless you let us know that you prefer to pick up in Scottsdale, all flights will be kept in the Clubhouse location by default.

For the Virtual: It will be left to each judge pair to determine a mutually convenient time to judge and select the technology for judging - Zoom, Google Meets, Facetime or something else.

This competition will use the BJCP Checklist scoresheet. It is the responsibliity of each judge pair to complete scoresheets, coversheets and flight summaries and to provide those materials eletronically or by mail to the head judge.


Yes Please. We need Stewards willing to mask and glove up to assist the Head Stewards during the Saturday sessions. Judges have to accept the arduous task of serving their own beer.