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Judges and Stewards

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Other Volunteer Info


Judging procedures will be fluid until we have greater certainty. Our current plan is to assign judges and distribute beer flights to judges on June 20. Depending on pandemic conditions, judges may use virtual judging, Zoom, gather in small groups or make alternative arrangements as agreed upon by the judging pair.

We welcome you participation as a judge even if you have no prior judging experience. You will be paired with an experienced judge.

Each judge will receive full bottles/cans of beverages in their flights. Beers will be labelled with judging numbers like other competitions.

Judges will use the abbreviated BJCP Checklist scoresheet for judging.

Please register as a judge on this site and be tolerant as things develop. Your safety is our primary concern.



Nope. No stewards. Judges have to accept the arduous task of serving their own beer.