2nd Annual HBOY Dinner | Apr. 9 at Hungry Monk

Our 2nd Annual Homebrewer of the Year (HBOY) Dinner will be held at The Hungry Monk on April 9 at 6 p.m. The dinner will feature beers brewed by ASH’s 2016 HBOY, Darrin Umbaugh at Odell and The Perch.  These special release beers will be featured in a five-course paired beer dinner prepared by Beer Chef Gidi Goldberg. […]

Why do ASH comps have an Entry Cap?

Why do ASH competitions have an entry cap? The answer is pretty simple. We simply do not have the manpower necessary to run a larger competition. Although ASH has over 300 members and Arizona has over 67 judges, only 36 people volunteered during the Fall Classic competition.  If our competitions continue to be under staffed, […]

Homebrew Con 2017 – Minnesota or Bust!

The Land of 10,000 Lakes will become the Land of 10,000 Brews June 15-17 during Homebrew Con 2017 in downtown Minneapolis. With many of our members having roots or family in the Great White North (myself included), a strong ASH contingent is expected. If you plan to attend, please contact me so I can include […]

ASH Springfest 2017

ASH Springfest  – All You Need to Know! Spring is officially about to start (although many of us might argue that summer has arrived in the Valley) and to celebrate, join us at the 2017 ASH Springfest on Saturday, April 8 at Tempe’s Kiwanis Park. Attendance Guidelines  Springfest is a family friendly event for all paid ASH […]

Get Ready for Summer | Yeast Health & Temp Control

Whoa Nelly, here comes summer! Summer is apparently already upon us as we begin to top 90 degrees across the Valley, so make sure you are ready to fight back with proper fermentation control! Happy yeasts produce happy beers, so let them party and reproduce all night long within their recommended temperature ranges. This attention […]

Spring Classic Comp: Volunteer & Win

Volunteer & Win Volunteer to help during Spring Classic Competition (if even for only a couple hours) for a chance to win a handful of $50 gift cards to your local homebrew shop! Volunteers will receive a raffle entry for each competition prep and/or judging session they attend at the ASH Clubhouse. Raffle will be held on […]