2017 July HBOY Mini Comp | California Common

It is encouraging to see so many of our members accepted the challenge to brew for the July competition that BYOB sold out of California common ale yeast. I can’t wait to judge your entries. In the meantime, I’ll be sure to review the commercial examples: Anchor Steam, Flying Dog Old Scratch Amber Lager, Schlafly Pi […]

Competition Corner: HBOY Leaderboard

The 2017 grand prize ASH Homebrewer of the Year will get to collaborate with and brew one or two of his/her winning recipes at The Perch for inclusion in a special beer pairing dinner, prepared by Chef Gidi Goldberg at The Hungry Monk.  This year’s ASH HBOY will also win a 14-gallon conical fermenter     […]

Get Your Beer Knowledge Published

As many of you are probably aware, John Palmer came out with his latest edition of “How to Brew” (http://a.co/hqqiKIb). To prepare for the latest version, he did some extensive research and experimentation to revamp his processes. In keeping with the spirit of research and experimentation, we want to open up the virtual floor to […]

From the President: The Future of the Club

After seven years on a month-to-month lease, the Rose Market era is officially coming to a close.  ASH has been served notice to vacate Wilshire Plaza by May 31st. We had a sweetheart deal during the recession, but someone else who can pay full price is interested in the suite. Of course, this will be […]

2nd Annual HBOY Dinner | Apr. 9 at Hungry Monk

Our 2nd Annual Homebrewer of the Year (HBOY) Dinner will be held at The Hungry Monk on April 9 at 6 p.m. The dinner will feature beers brewed by ASH’s 2016 HBOY, Darrin Umbaugh at Odell and The Perch.  These special release beers will be featured in a five-course paired beer dinner prepared by Beer Chef Gidi Goldberg. […]

Why do ASH comps have an Entry Cap?

Why do ASH competitions have an entry cap? The answer is pretty simple. We simply do not have the manpower necessary to run a larger competition. Although ASH has over 300 members and Arizona has over 67 judges, only 36 people volunteered during the Fall Classic competition.  If our competitions continue to be under staffed, […]