National Homebrewers Conference 2016

Round one results for this year’s National Homebrewers Conference (NHC) competition are rolling in and it’s time to start planning ASH’s presence at the conference itself in Baltimore June 9-11. If you are planning on attending NHC 2016, please contact Jackie at to join the planning team.

Volunteering=Brewing with OHSO

Thank you to everyone that volunteered at BBQ Fest! We were able to cover 18 shifts as ASH. Your efforts not only help these festivals run smoothly, but we are also able to raise funds for ASH! We also had two last minute volunteer opportunities for our sponsors, Papago and North Mountain and quite a […]

Judges Corner April 2016

Winners of the Arizona Spring Classic are posted! Congrats to Michael Fry for winning the Fate pro am opportunity and the mead best of show. Congrats to Andrew Blatnick for winning the beer best of show Bru Gear prize. And congrats to all our other winners! Score sheets and medals will be mailed out in […]

Dinosaurs, Ales, & Archaeology

Homebrewing was federally legalized in 1978 for the first time since Prohibition made it illegal in 1919. Beer has been brewed domestically (homebrewed) throughout its 7,000-year history, beginning in the Neolithic period in Mesopotamia (modern Iraq), Egypt and China. During this time meads, fruit wines, and rice wines were also developed. At the April general […]

Competition Connection

Springfest Competition Deadline Approaches! Judges needed! Drop off your entries to Brewers Connection, Brew Your Own Brew or What Ale’s ya By March 15th. Alternatively bring your entries to the general meeting on March 15th. Judging will be March 25-26 and winners will be announced at Springfest on Sunday April 3rd. You can register your […]

ASH Springfest 2016

ASH Springfest  – All You Need to Know! Holey Moley – Springfest is here! We kicked it during Arizona Beer Week, and for some, it may have kicked us. But we must keep on keepin’ on! Join us in celebrating Homebrew at the 2016 ASH Springfest on Sunday, April 3 at Tempe’s Kiwanis Park. Attendance Guidelines  […]